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Boxing training

Russell is a qualified England Boxing coach and licensed Boxercise Ltd instructor. The benefits of boxing are simply massive. From fitness to skills and self confidence, boxing delivers on every level. Russ uses this training alot in his 1:1 sessions and always gets results for his clients. If you want to learn to box correctly and effectively then get in touch.

"There are so many reasons to box that I think everybody should take this sport up for fitness or to compete in the amatuer world. Its fun and you are guaranteed to get fit. For me teaching clients the correct technique is everything. There are lots of people using pads and gloves, but are they offering correct technical advise? I'm afraid not. I coach everybody, from a 5 year old to a client with autism. Come and check out these sessions" ( Russ )

If you want to set up a class for family and friends then get in touch.

You can also join my local group fitness classes in Woolacombe and the surrounding area.

07923 142457