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At Kula Fitness we pride ourselves on service and above all helping our clients achieve new goals in a friendly atmosphere. A key driver for us is giving our clients feedback about their journey and for them to give us feedback too.

To help you make a decision about joining Kula Fitness, please see some of our clients feedback about their experience.

Kula Fitness Testimonials

I have been having 1:1 personal training with Russell for several weeks now and am growing in confidence fast! I have known Russell since we started working together in 2014 and when he told me that he was opening his own gym I could not wait to get in on the action. Russell is an infectiously inspiring person and is all about progress and moving forward, whether that be in fitness, health, wellbeing or all aspects of life. I have always been an active person but have been daunted by going into big gyms or settings where I might be the newbie, I knew that Russell would create an approachable business and I was not wrong. I have developed new personal goals and have already achieved great movements towards these, with the professional and friendly support from Russell at Kula Fitness I am surprising myself at what my body and mind can do and I cannot wait to see where this journey leads in the future.

Mel Britton

I've just completed 10 weeks personal training here at Kula Fitness. It has changed my life. I can't put into words how grateful I am for the support and nutrition education I have received while training here. I started off nervous and anxiety ridden but now I have more self confidence and I am really proud of myself for achieving what I have. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of Russ and Emily so thank you so so much, both of you! I will be back soon 

Vikki Sanderson

Amazing and very supportive x

Alison Gear

I've been training with Russ and Emily for a good few months now and they are the most friendliest honest trainers I've met. They always go the extra mile. I would highly recommend.

Vickie Richards

I've trained with a fair few personal trainers over the years and these guys are the best by far. Friendly, approachable, honest and encouraging. Highly recommended!

Adam Gibbons

Very friendly, supportive and knowledgable.

Sharon Beckwith