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Russell Port


Russell's qualifications:

Sports Science Degree

Personal Training Diploma

Children's Fitness Instructor

England Boxing Coach

Rugby Ready Coach

Boxercise Ltd Instructor

Suspension training Instructor

Certificate in Understanding Autism


Russell founded Kula Fitness in 2017. He grew up in a sporting family with his mom an athlete and dad a footballer. His mom was also a successful PE teacher, which meant no barriers to exercise for Russ and his younger brothers. He really understands that this start in life gave him the foundations for building his confidence to overcome any challenge ahead. In 1993 he played for the England Rugby Development squad and joined Cardiff Blues as a young aspirational player. A year later and his parents separated, which became a real turning point in his life. The year after that injury hit, and playing at the top level of rugby in the UK seemed a million miles away.

“I remember thinking how easy life was until that era in my life changed my direction forever. At the time I didn’t realise it would be for the better”.

This led to Russ joining a health club to get fit again with every intention of playing rugby at the top level. However, opportunities in the health and fitness world came thick and fast. Soon he was training people to get fit and healthy and carving out a career that has now spanned 20 years. Russ has worked around the UK for one of the worlds biggest chains of health clubs. He has overseen the management of 96 clubs and in 2002 won the prestigious ‘Health Club of the Year’ award at the Fitness Industry National Awards. He is well travelled abroad as well and simply loves the journey that started in a tough part of his life.

“For me, I truly believe the challenges in life are meant to happen. The key to happiness is understanding why things happen and making changes to learn and grow from the tough times. When you step outside of your comfort zone you will grow and this will make you stronger and happier”.

More recently, Russ moved to North Devon to pursue his love of surfing and to be in his favourite part of the UK. He made a huge decision to leave his career and work with children from challenging backgrounds. He requalified and now holds lots of qualifications in child care and special educational needs support. These compliment his qualifications in the fitness arena and ultimately resulted in him setting up Kula Fitness.

“At 40 years old I was now working with children who had tough starts in life…..the opposite to me. I recognised that barriers to exercise started at home and this made me want to pursue starting a business that contributed to solving the problem”.

So Kula Fitness is the next adventure in Russell’s life. He views it as the next chapter, but the chapter that will define everything he has experienced in life being used to support others. Russ wants people to learn about exercise and all the other components that contribute to our healthy and happy lives. He is certified to look after anybody in our community above the age of 5 and is very passionate about helping you to set new goals.

“From 5 years old to 105 years old and beyond we should all be active and I’m here to help you with this journey. It doesn’t matter if you are over 50 and unfit or 15 and unsure. I am here to support you making changes that will change your life for the better”.

Come and see me at our studio in Ilfracombe. If you are worried about making that move then contact me via email and we can start to empower you to move forward.

Here’s to your next steps