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FREE Consultation

Have you felt stuck in your life for a long time? Have you tried fad diets, gyms and weight loss clubs that didn't result in LONG TERM sustainable results? Do you avoid classes or gyms because you feel embarrased about your perceived level of fitness?

Kula is all about taking those barriers away

With 20 years experience in the UK fitness industry our team will help you to understand how to go about making REAL changes.

Take advantage of our FREE consultation service. Meet with a certified fitness professional to discuss your TOTAL health and fitness journey. We can discuss the components of total fitness including physical, nutritional, emotional, social and medical support. This service is FREE OF CHARGE, so everybody should take advantage. We aim to break down any barriers to exercise and a healthy life that you may have.

To book a FREE consultation please contact

or call 07565 520132.

FOR Boxing / Forest School / Group Classes / Teenage Fitness / Additional Needs -  please contact Russell on 07923 142457